Monday, July 24, 2017

July Birding - Part 3

This post includes a three day stretch near the end of July.

July 24 - Kings Links Golf Course

This golf course is close to the Boundary Bay Dike by 72 St in South Delta. I've seen some good birds on this course in the past. I had my camera with me, just in case.

The was nothing out of the ordinary, but there were some cute mallard ducklings on a couple of the ponds on the course.

Mallard (Imm) - Kings Links Golf Course, Delta BC

Mallard (Imm) - Kings Links Golf Course, Delta BC

The only other bird seen was a Savannah Sparrow near the 17th tee box.

Savannah Sparrow - Kings Links Golf Course, Delta BC

July 25 - Birthday Walk in Burns Bog

I decided to celebrate my 63rd birthday with an outing on the Boardwalk Trail in Burns Bog. It's close to our house, although I cheat and park on the street below us.

The birds are usually sparse in the bog, but I've had the occasional good outing. These fist two shots show the contrast that can occur in a hundred or so meters in the bog.

The first shot is just after entering the boardwalk trail.

A bit further on, the area is dark and lifeless looking. There may have been a fire in this area sometime in the past.

I did see a few birds on my outing but had trouble taking any good photos. I should have brought the Canon SLR in addition to the Nikon Coolpix.

Here's a barely acceptable photo of a male American Goldfinch.

American Goldfinch - Burns Bog, Delta BC

Further along the trail I noticed movement on a tree and spotted a Brown Creeper. I could not keep up with the bird. Every time I got it in the viewfinder, I could not focus in time. This is my best (and only) shot.

Brown Creeper - Burns Bog, Delta BC

I also played hide and seek with a Yellow-rumped Warbler, with another unsatisfactory photo. This is either a female or an immature bird.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Burns Bog, Delta BC

Thus ended my birthday outing.

July 26 - Backyard Bushtit

I had much better luck the following evening on my back deck. I noticed some bird activity nearby and spotted a small flock of Bushtits in the trees. There was one in particular that was very cooperative. I had my Canon SLR nearby and was able to focus and take a few good quality shots.

Bushtit - Backyard, North Delta BC

Bushtit - Backyard, North Delta BC

Bushtit - Backyard, North Delta BC

This almost concluded my July birding, but there was one more visit to Point Roberts and Iona before the month ended.

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