Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 26 Part 1 - Brunswick Point

I love that the Christmas break affords me the opportunity to go birding and try to see a few more new species for the year. Alas, the weather did not cooperate this year, so I only got out on Boxing day and on the 30th.

I decided to visit Brunswick Point as there were some birds that had eluded me that are sometimes seen there. There was a report of an American Tree sparrow, which is an uncommon visitor from the north, but it's a big area to find one bird.

Brunswick Point is at the end of River Road in Delta (past the turnoff to Westham Island and Reifel). There is a very long stretch of dike that runs along the south side of the Fraser River as it feeds into the ocean. If you stay on the dike, you can reach the Tsawwassen Ferry jetty, but it's a long walk.

On the south side of the dike is a large agricultural field as shown below.

The foreshore beyond the trees is a good are to see raptors such as Short-eared Owls, Northern Harriers and Bald Eagles. Occasionally there might be a Gyrfalcon in the area as well.

Bald Eagle - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

There were a couple of birds active in the field which turned out to be Killdeer, a year round resident Plover.

Killdeer - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

Part way out on the dike, it bends south. There is a bench there for those who need a rest or want to enjoy the view. Near the bench I took this shot of a Robin. It's a common bird but I'm really fond of this shot.

American Robin - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

Winter can be tough on the birds that don't migrate southwards, there's many scenes like this in rural Delta with Herons trying to conserve heat.

Great Blue Heron - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

I reached the area where the Tree Sparrow had been seen, but had no luck spotting it. I did see a familiar Woodpecker, also trying to stay warm.

Northern Flicker - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

As I walked back, there was more activity in the farmer's field, close enough for the Nikon to get a couple of zoomed out shots. It was one of the species I was hoping to see for 2017, American Pipits.

American Pipit - Brunswick Point, Delta BC - 2017 Bird # 219

The last bird I saw at Brunswick Point is more normally seen in an urban setting, it was nice to see it here. The photo turned out quite well as a bonus.

Rock Pigeon - Brunswick Point, Delta BC

I made one more stop on River Road at a residence where a couple of Mountain Chickadees had been visiting the feeders for a few weeks. Although they welcome birders to come into their backyard, it feels awkward. I only stayed briefly and did not see the chickadees. However, I took this colourful shot of an Anna's Hummingbird near a feeder.

Anna's Hummingbird - River Road, Delta BC

This ended the first part of my day, I made a quick Starbucks stop in Ladner and proceeded to my next location. See nex post for details.

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